Tuesday, November 13, 2012

craft fair debrief

I  WE did it! The craft fair happened last night, and I am one tiiiired mommy-to-be. So thankful for my Jeffers who patiently lived in a crazy, messy (at times stinky) home with me for the last couple of weeks. Thankful for my sweet, supportive momma blessing me with a printer... a week and a half before the event! Yes, I was going to try to make this happen without a printer. I'm crazy. Thankful for advice, support, and encouragement from countless friends. And, lastly, for the event itself.

For some people it was just a craft fair. For me, it was really putting myself out there. And praise God, the outcome was sweet! I pictured myself leaving in tears and very discouraged, but I left content and encouraged. Yay! With a little more umph to continue pursing this. :)

P.s. Isn't baby Ella getting big?!? We are sooo close. This maybe TMI, but we had an appointment yesterday (from here on out we will have one every week... which I am first-time-mommy excited about!) and the doc basically said things are happening to my body to prepare for her coming... Ahhh! ONE MONTH. She'll be fashionably late- if she's anything like her mommy. Or she can be waaay early like daddy. As badly as we both want to meet her, we are kinda hoping it's not the latter since Jeff has his finals all week before her due date... We'll see!

Have a sweet week!


  1. Brigette your stuff is beautiful! Do you have an etsy shop or anything where people can purchase your still! Praying that little one comes at the perfect time!

  2. I resonate with the "putting myself out there" comment ... both as a fellow 'crafter' and as the event coordinator ... what if we put on a Holiday Market and nobody came? Instead, lots of people came and seemed to enjoy themselves immensely! Thanks for being a part of the evening. Your presentation was creative and inviting, and your products were/are colorful, unique, and well-done. Keep it going!