Wednesday, October 30, 2013

greater things

This weekend I finished tackling a huge, HUGE (read: horrifically daunting) task which was doing part-time data entry for my momma's job. The stack of papers was about Ella's height. Kidding, but it was so much! BUT. I'M. DONE. Woo!
I was SOO thankful for it because I needed it to get a little extra money around here to invest it back into the business.

Right now I'm focusing on the NOBTS holiday market which is a little craft fair at my husband's school. (I participated in it last year, and it gave me just enough confidence to pursue opening my online Etsy shop- within four months of having my first baby. I don't know what I was thinking!) Any who, I can't wait to show you the little goodies!

After that it'll be all about prepping for my sweet baby girl's first birthday (I cannot believe I just wrote that- everyone was right. That went by too fast.), and then I am hoping to have a new logo, a new website, and new products for my 25th birthday (March 11th)! Eeee- that's the goal!!

Greater things are yet to come, friends! I took this verse out of context a bit, but hey it's another freebie. And I'm running out of verses/phrases!

What your favorite quote or bible verse?? I'll make it a printable!